“Nattier blue”

     A set of delicate shades of blue, ranging from grayish ash blue to vibrant teal.
Jean-Marc Nattier’s color of choice for rendering the fine fabric in many of his society women portraits.
A perfect complement to the pink undertone of the flesh, the translucent dresses, the rouged lips and cheeks, and the fresh flowers.

Clockwise from top left:
Marie-Anne de Nesle, Marquise de Tournelle, Duchesse de Chateauroux, 1740, Versailles: Château de Versailles et de Trianon
Portrait of a Woman, called the Marquise Perrin de Cypierre, 1753, New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art
Thalia, Muse of Comedy, 1739, San Francisco: Legion of Honor
Manon Balletti, 1757, London: National Gallery