Haute couture!

Check out these gorgeous dresses from Alberta Ferretti’s limited edition spring 2016 evening collection!

According to Women’s Wear Daily (the photos are from their slideshow; you can read their full story on this showcase here), the designer found her inspiration from the architectural ornaments of her new Paris showroom at 43 rue de Faubourg Saint-Honoré. I’m not sure if the interior of this showroom still retains its original 1836 decoration (WWD article says that the showroom was restored). But it is abundantly clear that Alberta Ferretti’s inspiration owes much to the wall panel designs of rococo architecture, with gilded plaster moldings of floral and rocaille arabesques and painted flowers.

Like this:

(The Music Room from Norfolk House, St James’s Square, London, from Victoria and Albert Museum)

Haute couture appropriating 19th- or 21st-century architectural decoration appropriating 18th-century rococo ornaments.
There’s nothing new under the sun! But there sure are infinite ways to make old look new.

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