The Swing, reimagined

tumblr_ni2tb8VmxU1rnw5qjo1_1280Kate Beaton’s playful take on Fragonard’s The Happy Hazards of the Swing (the original in the Wallace Collection below)
Visit her website, Hark! A Vagrant, for more funny history comics!

This painting is the first painting I remember seeing. I was a little girl.
It was printed in the cover of a Bach CD that my mom owned (now I know this painting was probably not the best choice for Bach).
I remember being totally mesmerized by the lush greens, the misty air, the pink, feathery dress, the buoyant swing, and the dainty flying slipper.
I don’t think I understood the eroticism of the painting, but its effervescence and playfulness stayed with me all those years..

The powerful impression of this painting led me to my livelihood.
It really changed my life.

And it brings me so much joy to see different takes on this image.

(btw, I like Kate’s story better…)

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