Rose of Versailles series to be re-released!

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From Anime News Network:

Udon Entertainment announced at its Comic Con International panel on Saturday that it has licensed Riyoko Ikeda‘s classic shojo manga Rose of Versailles.

The series will be released in two-in-one omnibus volumes to quicken the publishing schedule. The first volume is slated for the second quarter of 2016.

This will be the first official English release of the manga.”

In other words, the manga series that girls of many recent generations in Korea and Japan grew up with is being printed in English!

The series is set in (you guessed it) Versailles with fictional character Oscar François de Jarjayes as the protagonist, a cross-dressing female leader of the Palace Guards for Marie-Antoinette. (Read more about the series in this wikipedia article)

It’s got the hair, the dresses, the jewelry, the crossdressing, the duels, the courtly intrigue, the conspiracy, the secret affairs, the unprofessed love, the over-the-top emotions, the cheesy dialogues, the brooding androgynous main character, the affair of the necklace, and most importantly…
Marie Antoinette!

It’s everything that a little girl growing up in the 90s could ever dream of in a manga series.

For a little taste of it, the first episode of the TV adaptation:

So many feels… so many excitement…

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